A Cultural Heritage Assessment Model for Underground Water Resources

Project No2021IYTE-1-0113
Supported by
Project DirectorProf.Dr. Hülya YÜCEER
ConsultantProf.Dr. Alper BABA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Deniz GERÇEK

Inst. Dr. Yasemin ÖZCAN GÖNÜLAL

Inst. Dr. Ozan UŞTUK

ScholarRes. Assist. Selen GÜLER
Project Budget30.000 TL
Project Term03.05.2021 – 03.05.2022

Today, the vital importance of water and water resources are discussed with their social, environmental, strategic and economic dimensions. Considering water resources as a part of cultural heritage is generally in the form of architectural structures related to water. Underground water resources and water structures built for use/storage recieve little attention, therefore necessary precautions are not taken for their protection. In the study, a model will be developed to evaluate the historical systems created for the use of underground water resources in a region that has experienced water scarcity in the past as cultural heritage. In this context, İçmeler, Gülbahçe, Barbaros, Kadıovacık villages of İzmir Province, Urla villages and Ildırı villages of Çeşme District were chosen as suitable sample areas.