The Central Material Conservation Laboratory has been established in the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. It deals primarily with deterioration and conservation problems of historic building materials through the research projects, courses and thesis studies.

The studies carried out in the laboratory are;

  • Characterization of the physical, mechanical, mineralogical and chemical properties of the building materials

  • Understanding of the deterioration mechanism

  • Studies on the efficiency of the conservation treatments

  • Selection of the compatible materials for the repairs

A large number of tests will be carried out by the laboratory equipment. They are;

  • Determination of physical properties of materials

  • Durability tests

  • Mechanical strength measurements

  • Mineralogical and petrographical analyses

  • Chemical analyses

Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage carried out interdisciplinary works with other programmes about materials science and engineering are in touch with these departments about the conservation of historical material. The following instruments of the Materials Research Centre , Department of Chemical Engineering and Structures Laboratory of Department of Civil Engineering in IZTECH are used for the researches of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage and other related interdisciplinary projects. They are;

  • XRD

  • SEM with EDS

  • TGA

  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity measurement instrument 


Documentation of cultural heritage in building and environmental scale are realised in the Central Topography and Measurement Laboratory within the Faculty of Architecture.

The studies carried out in the laboratory are;

  • On-site examination of historical buildings and environments within the scope of field studies

  • Documentation within the scope of traditional surveying techniques

  • Documenting with digital tools and techniques

  • Investigations to understand the context of the historical building and environment

  • Collaborating with stakeholders and collecting verbal data in addition to existing measurements

  • Transferring the obtained data to the digital environment as 2 and 3 dimensional visuals, models and structural information

  • Determining the conservation interventions to be made to historical buildings and the environment, going through the design process and presenting them with the appropriate techniques.


Our department also works in interdisciplinary projects with the collaboration of several departments.

Studies on the conservation of historical environments can be carried out jointly with the Department of City and Regional Planning.

Research on structural consolidation in historical buildings is carried out in coordination with the Department of Civil Engineering.

Studies on thermal retrofitting in historical buildings are carried out in coordination with the Department of Energy Systems Engineering and the Department of Architecture. Studies on lighting in historical buildings are also carried out by the collaboration between our department and the Department of Architecture.