Examination of the Interface Relations between Structural Brick and Mortars for the Purpose of Suitable Repairs in Historical Structures

Project No

 2004 İYTE 52

Supported by


Director of the Project

Assist. Prof. Dr. S. Sarp TUNÇOKU


Assist.Prof.Dr. S. Sarp TUNÇOKU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan BÖKE, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Başak İPEKOĞLU

Project Budget TL.

Project Term

12 months (September 2004 – September 2005)

The aim of the project is to examine the interface relations between structural bricks and mortars for the purpose of suitable repairs in historic brick structures. Along with stone, brick was also widely used structural material in some parts of the walls and spanning elements, such as arches, vaults and domes in many historic buildings in Anatolia. Depending on the construction period of the buildings, their master masons, local raw materials sources and preparation techniques, masonry mortars played the major role to hold those units, such as stone and brick, as monolithic masses for centuries. In spite of studies concerning their raw material characterization, the studies which examined mortar with the structural brick and stone units, in other words, studies considering mortar together with the structure as a whole have not been sufficient enough for the restoration works in our country. Therefore, in this project; both being manmade materials the samples of mortars and bricks with different compositions collected from different historic monuments will be studied to understand brick and mortar interface relations as well as their individual characteristics. The results will be evaluated in terms of long-term durability of historical structures and the determination of the characteristics of suitable intervention materials for their restoration.