Investigation of a Photogrammetric Method for the Documentation and Archiving of Alterations in Historical Architectural Objects

Project No

MAG-104 I 102

Supported by

Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK)

Director of the Project

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mine Hamamcıoğlu-TURAN


İpek Akbaylar

Technical Personnel

Ayşe Gül Afacan, Cihat Küçükboyacı

Project Budget

5202 YTL

Project Term

15.04.2005 -15.04.2007

In this study, one of the historical churches converted into a mosque is focused on. This is Agios Georgios Church / Gulbahçe Mosque. Hence, an architectural conservation supporting study, in which GID and AUTOCAD are considered the main tools, has been accomplished. Sketch drawings were made and measurements were taken with total station at the site. Traces of spatial transformation were marked on the sketch drawings and also photographed. Literature survey and archive research were carried out. The data related with architectural alterations were classified and the restitution phases were defined. Consequently, the measurements taken with total station at the site were evaluated in the academic version of GID 7.2. and AUTOCAD 2004. 3D models of the building were produced. Presentation opportunities of the architectural alterations on the building models were searched.