Settlement History of Ildırı: Analysıs of Spatial Transformations of an Old Greek Village Adjacent to Erythrai Archaeological Site

Project No2014-IYTE-34
Supported byBAP A
Project DirectorAssist.Prof.Dr. Fatma Nurşen KUL

Assist.Prof.Dr. Fatma Nurşen KUL

Assist.Prof.Dr.  Ela ÇİL

Project Budget39000 TL
Project Term01.07.2014 – 01.07.2015

This project aims to understand the settlement history of Ildırı Village through its spatial transformations. The aim is to juxtapose the data gathered from: the archival documents, the interviews targeting the oral history of the place and typo-morphological analysis of the settlement.

Oral history studies on population exchange have generally focused on particular figures or communities highlighting the migration process. Typomorphological analysis on the other hand, focuses on the physical aspects of settlements. It is thought that the research, which attempts to juxtapose data gathered from different sources, especially the ones which are derived from the narratives of inhabitants who settled in Ildırı in different periods could set a model for future research on rural settlements in the Urla Peninsula. Hence the aim is to further the work by a comparative analysis of the settlements with historical and cultural value in the Karaburun Peninsula.