The Impact of the February 6, 2023 Earthquake on Cultural Heritage: Damage Assessment Study in the Şanlıurfa Historical City Site

A damage assessment study regarding cultural heritage structures affected by the February 6, 2023 earthquake was planned under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Mine Turan and Prof. Dr. Başak İpekoğlu. The survey took place in the Şanlıurfa Historical City Site with the participation of Research Assist. Dr. Fatma Sezgi Mamaklı and Research Assist. Dr. Keziban Müge Çelik from 05.07.2023 to 08.07.2023.

Furthermore, between 06.10.2023 and 12.10.2023, studies continued within the scope of the RES 507 Design in Architectural Restoration and RES 508 Preservation of Historic Environment studios. Some structures in the Eyyübiye region were documented, and damage assessment studies were completed.